Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

3 Ways you'll Increase Brand Awareness OnlineSearch Engine Optimization, at Searchburg, is the procedure of how we increase a website’s traffic by the quantity and quality of the searches through major Search Engines like Google and Bing, we also increase the website’s Visibility or web page rank to users or viewers online through Search Engines.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we do means that the websites’ traffic growth improves by unpaid results which are also known as natural/organic traffic results, it excludes the purchase of paid adverts and paid placements throughout the internet.
Searchburg does SEO which targets different kinds of search, this includes Image Search, Academic Search, Video Search, News Search, Shopping Search (for eCommerce Websites or shops), Industry-specific Vertical Search Engines and We do Mapping through Google maps.
At Searchburg we optimize a website that involves; editing of website’s content, adding content, we modify websites’ HMTL with the associated coding which always increases the website’s relevance to specific keywords for searchers and it also removes barriers when to indexing activities on Search Engines. Searchburg promotes your website by increasing the number of backlinks through link exchange or inbound links.


What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in marketing? or internet Marketing?

SEO means “Search Engine Optimization.” … for all the major Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo provide primary search results for searchers online, where web pages results and other content such as news, videos even local listings are shown on the first page, ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users keyword or question.

How does SEO Works for Small to medium enterprises or businesses?

SEO is just an abbreviation which that stands for Search Engine Optimization, and SEO is simply the process of optimizing any website to obtain organic, or un-paid real traffic from the major search engine results first page. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc…work to present or provide the best internet search service for their online users.
In other words, Seo includes the process of updating your website’s content and making changes through design and code the make your website look attractive to major Search Engines. If you do this with Searchburg, you are guaranteed to have your website automatically appear on the first page of the major search engine for online searchers or users.
At times, search engine optimization can get complex due to different factors that impact your website’s page ranking, though, the basics of the whole process are too easy to understand. Major Search Engines want to provide the best result services on the first page of the search to their trusted users. Therefore, our website should not only deliver high-quality content but also relevant information to users on the first page and Searchburg will offer you the best SEO solutions for that matter.

What are the Benefits of Search Engine Optimization for your Business or Enterprise

There are so many benefits of SEO that can help improve your business.

1. By only improving your SEO on your website, you’ll work and expand the visibility of your websites within major Search Engines. Hence, increasing and helping you reach out to more potential clients or customers.

2. If you create more engaging, thought after, and effective SEO-focused content, you will bring in and get more targeted organic traffic through search engines, hence more customers or clients.


3. SEO Results are Low Cost (In Comparison to paid Adwords and Pay Per Click/PPC)

When Searchburg works on your SEO project, like any other SEO agency our organic listings, are essentially free to search engines. Your website will be listed at the very top of the first page of the major search engines, therefore; you won’t need to pay; Pay Per Click (PPC), or allocate a budget to do advertising with major search engines. Yet with some money upfront to pay for SEO costs which is cheaper and consistent, you’ll just watch your website get consistent organic traffic forever. You won’t need to pay $15 for each click on your ads but unlike paid ads, your organic traffic won’t drop to anything when we stop doing SEO for you. Therefore; by doing for you SEO, we’re getting rid of thousands of ads and PPC advertising across the web.

4. Search Engine Optimization result will create a definite Increase in your website’s organic Traffic

Due to advancements in technology with the website’s data analytics, webmaster consoles, and other reporting tools, our clients will be able to view a clear cut in the increase of your website’s traffic. It’d the definitive way to maximize your enterprise’s business website effort. Searchburg’s SEO will give you results not so quickly in the short run but rather quickly in the long run plus immediately you’ll start with us SEO project efforts your website, organic consistent traffic will increase steadily. Using the tools mentioned above, you’ll clearly see and view your website’s traffic as more visitors from search engines looking for your services visit your website and sales will start to go through.
Therefore; if interested in doubling your website’s traffic with a few little changes, Email us at and we shall email you back with one of our custom SEO reports depending on the time interval you want. This is 100%, just email us your URL or website and we’ll surely reply you a free custom report.

5. With Searchburg Search Engine Optimization services, expect to get a Higher Brand Credibility because of People Trust Google and Bing so much

For Every researcher online, all people trust all that the first listing in google’s first page results are reputable companies, by providing you with our SEO Services at Searchburg, your website will automatically become THE brand name for your business or enterprise. Therefore; your business or company is the target the competitors want to beat. The more you’re further back or down in Google page rankings the more people will become more skeptical about your website and business at large. With Searchburg’s SEO services, google will automatically get a spot dedicated specifically to your website at the top of viewers’ results searches. We shall make sure your websites’ pages are top tier listings with other subpages listed below the main pages to give your website credibility with no ad at the top. there are always annoying ads at the top of Google’s results page which often make people enforce adblocker tools to avid them. So do you want your website to be blocked or be listed without annoying clients through Searchburg’s SEO services?

6. Searchburg’s Search Engine Optimization services have a Better ROI (Return on Investment) Than Normal Ads and PPC

For an example of paid adverts, if you buy 1000 visitors from a Google ad, 1% of those visitors may turn into potential clients or might convert into a sale. With our SEO services when you get 1000 clicks/visitors from SEO search, 6% will convert into sales which gives a better return on investment. Therefore, the higher the conversion rate from the search engine, the more benefits of the SEO approach you’ll use and adapt to a more approach that gives a high return on Investment. And this high return on Investment for using Searchburg’s SEO services is just another advantage or benefit of using organic SEO strategies that can’t be matched by any other form of online marketing. Google searches actually get people who searched for the keywords within your website. who is automatically looking for your product?

7. All of Your Competitors Are Doing Search Engine Optimization

All the biggest brands in Uganda and all of the world like Techno, Samsung, Sharp, Apple, Alibaba, etc… are using SEO. Who are you not to invest in SEO for today’s technology? Chance is you might get used to a small profit you’re getting as per now. But do you know how much profit you’re losing without investing in SEO? You’ll get the assessment and the answer after reaching out to Searchburg’s SEO services for a proper analysis of SEO products.
More people more business brands are beginning to see the real benefits of Searchburg’s SEO services are extremely high in Uganda. All your competitors you know very well already started this new form of internet awareness, they have taken advantage of it. So if your competitors are already targeting brand awareness through SEO obviously they’ll appear on Google’s first result page before you. They will get all the hits from the visitors that will lead to more sales before your brand’s website does. However much your website offers lower/better prices of products or services. Hiring a better-experienced SEO company like Searchburg will exactly what your company brand need to rank as higher more than your competitor in the Google rankings

8. SEO will shift your Business to the Next Level

Searchburg’s SEO services will bring out your brand among thousands of online visitors from Google to your website in a day. This will make your website require a larger advanced web server and email server to accommodate traffic and of course sales to your website. Your clients will recommend a product or a service that they were looking for on your website. SEO is really great and potential investors that your company needs to engage in. It’s what you need to engage in to take your company’s brand to the next level.

9. Search Engine Optimization Makes Your Brand Stand Out, For over 1 billion Websites on the Web

On the internet or www (World Wide Web), there exist over 1 billion websites and those listed with Google are over 250 million websites. therefore; it’s too hard to make your website popular or to make your name popular for yourself with that high number of web results. Especially if your product is highly competitive or common all over the web. Using Searchburg’s SEO services, it will make your product brand to stand out from the billions of websites on the web through the Search Engine. It can be the boost you require in this era which you need to see your business sales go through the roof.

10. 75% Of Clicks from Search Engine Optimization result must go to the First Result page of Search engines

If Searchburg’s SEO results share 75% of clicks in the search engine, this means 25% of clicks are remaining for the paid advertisement within the major search engines through millions of results for google keywords from visitors. Securing the 75% of clicks is a guarantee for a top spot on the first search page results of Google. So this is a sure-fire to gain popularity of the business’s product at the top spot of Google as well. For a small upfront investment in SEO with Searchburg then you’re automatically looking for potentially millions of sales per month.

11. You’ll Have Access to Data

If I may ask you! What data are we discussing about? I mean customer or client data. When you go into Searchburg’s SEO services, you will have access and discover new products of your category to expand to by observing and analyzing major keywords data and viewing what people are looking for or searching for the most about a product of your business. This will give you an advantage and you’ll be able to find a higher search volume keywords with low competitiveness even though this may be hard to find them but it has the potential or ability to bring in new thousands of sales per day or per month to your website. Customer data is extremely important or valuable in the SEO business and it’s not hard to come by if you use Searchbugr who have the right tools. After we’ve gotten that valuable information or data for you from your competitors, it will be exponentially so beneficial to your advantage for your business or enterprise.

12. The Results of SEO are Permanent

In the case of the paid advertisements, the effects of ads are temporary compared to SEO with permanent effects or results in the Search Engines. Searchburg’s SEO results do not stop even if you stop paying compared to paid adverts which stop showing once you stop paying the search engine.
However, you’ll need a simple budget with our SEO package to keep or maintain that top 1st spot ranking on Google, Bing, or Yahoo Search Engines, but when you reach that top 1st spot chance with Searchburg then it’s quite difficult for it to get knocked down the results page of the major search engines.